People might wonder at the state of the relationship and dating world these days. There are new technologies such as online paid sites and online classified ads that can confuse the matter. There is a huge difference between the hook-up culture and dating though. The following is a list of four of the major differences:


1. Hook-up’s Are Generally found Through Different Technology:

People might want to argue this point until the cows come home. However, the fact is that some apps that people use are geared to elucidate hook-up’s. For example, most of the younger culture know that Tinder is a site for hook-up’s. People who go on there are looking at people’s pictures. They make a snap superficial judgement regarding whether or not they would sleep with a certain individual. Swiping right means yes. The site is slow and generally designed for conversations to move to the bedroom. Yes, some people find relationships even on Tinder. However, that is not the way that younger people use the site. Many celebrity personalities versed in social media such as Trisha Paytas repeatedly enforce the notion that this site is made of no strings attached sex. And in general, people who pay for sites like eHarmony and Christian Mingle are generally hoping to find a dating relationship. Otherwise, why waste their hard earned cash when there are plenty of free sites out there that don’t require one to sit through a personality profile quiz.

2. The Hook-up Culture Doesn’t Care:

Many times people go through this phase. They might be curious about sex or just not wanting to go through the motions that go with rejection. So the assumption in the hook-up culture is just that a person is a means to an end. If the person does not call the next day, or even for weeks, the other party doesn’t have the right to feel injured. The idea between dating is emotional intimacy, but hook-up’s are just for fun, wild sex.

3. Dating is About Marriage:

Some people really value partnership. Their end goal is to get married and have children, or just have a life long companion. That is why they select a person who they see as having compatible future goals. Of course, chemistry is still important but that does not rule the connection the same way that it does in the hook-up culture.

4. Broken Hearts can Happen in Both Camps:

This point should not be taken lightly. There is absolutely no guarantee that by choosing either route people will come out of the fire unscathed. Both of these paths involve varying levels of intimacy. To think that a hook-up will not break one’s heart is a lie. People can get pregnant from these encounters or get a lifelong STD. Even an STI is an annoying health condition that can cause long term side effects. For example, untreated or repeated outbreaks of Chlamydia can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. This is turn can lead to infertility. Dating can have the same risks unfortunately. People have pasts or they cheat and the result can be the same STD’s and STI’s as the hook up culture. Also, when one opens to another person, there is a risk for rejection.