Online dating though commonly used has it shortcomings. A number of user’s don’t find their better half. This gives them a bad impression on online gay dating app free and online app. However there some disadvantages which come with online dating. The faults are generated by several factors.

  • Majority of the dating app users don’t meet face-to-face: after long period of communication and endless promises of meeting. Most people don’t get the chance to meet and take further their relationship. This might be due to: time, location and lack of commitment.


  • Race and class: most online dating users tend to look for individuals of a certain class. Determined by either the career or financial status. Additionally some go for their own races, by this you can’t find true love.


  • Systems used by online dating app don’t predict user’s fate: though online dating app assure users of getting their better half. Most of the relationship don’t make it past their first year. Similar characters and likes don’t predict a relationship.


  • Most user’s go for looks not character: most users getting all wrong, they go for the looks but not the characters and personality. Some get frustrated on their first dates only to find the partner is not compatible.