There are those stories that people hear on the news. Terrible events can transpire when a person meets up with a stranger that was met online. So it stands to reason that people wonder- “is dating a safe thing to do?”. It is a concern for parents as well as people who go on these dates.


It Can be Safe with Some Precautions:

Dating can be a safe activity. However, remember the following tips:

  • Determine Character first: It is usually recommended that people talk to a person a bit to get to know the character before going on a date.
  • First-time dates should always be in public places
  • It is safer if a person uses one’s own transportation to and from the date.
  • Do not get drunk on the initial dates.

Have a Backup Plan:

This can be especially important advice for women. If a woman feels she has put herself in a bad situation, honesty is not always the best policy. Sometimes, men can get violent if they feel rejected. It is sad that some men have such little self-esteem. Rather than testing out those waters, develop a simple strategy for exiting the date. Tell the person that you have an early morning tomorrow, even if you have nothing to do the next day. Let the date know that your roommate is excited to hear how the restaurant that he took you to is. That will signal to the man that someone knows where you are. Even bring up your parents if you have to, saying that they thought you had a great idea for the date. That way, the other person knows that people in your life care about you and that they also know your whereabouts.

Don’t Ignore the Red Flags:

Criminals and con men that are still pursuing that lifestyle are not interested in dating. They will use it as an opportunity to use you for your looks, your money, or even your car. It can be a long con if they initially pay for your food. Then you feel as though they are just like any other date who is interested. If someone has a criminal past, make sure that you proceed with caution. If you notice that they are still trying to evade the law, run, don’t walk, away. You can tell your date you’re going to the bathroom and just get in your car and drive away. Change your number if you have to, and don’t try to change a person that doesn’t want help.

Always Trust your Intuition:

There are countless cases of women and men who just ignore their gut instincts. They can end up regretting this later when more feelings are attached. Remember to keep your heart safe by discussing stipulations up front. If he wants to have sex right away and you are waiting until marriage, then tell him that you are incompatible. Don’t look to change a person, as they have already told you their expectations. Compromise in some areas is alright, but not when it comes to major life choices such as religion.